Hydraulics-Stores-John Galliano-Sneaker
John Galliano Slip On Sneaker
26th March 2019
John Richmond Signorino T-Shirt
26th March 2019
Hydraulics-Stores-John Galliano-Sneaker
Hydraulics-Stores-John Galliano-SneakerHydraulics-Stores-John Galliano-SneakerHydraulics-Stores-John Galliano-Sneaker

John Galliano High-top Sneaker

R9,890.00 R6,925.00

The brilliant designer, John Galliano showcases another one of his excellent designs in this newspaper printed sneaker. Along with beauty, the sneaker is made of extremely soft leather and is very comfortable to wear

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The talent of the cut, the remarkable technicality, the work of the volumes that sublimate the silhouette, the draperies and expert bias: so many perfectly mastered gestures that make the name of the brand from its origins, and whatever the field (dresses, suits, pants …). Today, this heritage continues to express itself and to be part of modernity. By relying, in particular, on rich archives, a perpetual source of inspiration to revisit, and a know-how that reinvents each season of new expressions of John Galliano codes. By dramatizing its know-how, the brand establishes its true know-how.

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